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  • Cost Effective and Scalable Solutions
    TAScloud architectures provide low risk, reuseable and secure deployment patterns.
  • Blockchain Innovation
    Deliver Blockchain Hyperledger on Alibaba's computing services.
  • Big Data and AI
    Adopt Alibaba's groundbreaking MaxCompute combined with Big Data to provide Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
  • IoT - Operations and Analytics
    Turn end devices into a sophisticated, controlled and predictive operational environment with analytics.

Welcome to TAScloud

  • TAScloud, owned by its parent company TAS, provides secure Multi-Cloud Service offerings built with its 30 years of Banking grade architectures encompassing flexible commercial models, security, regulatory alignment and high availability supporting more than 60 Australian Banking and Insurance organisations across Australia.

  • Based in Sydney, Australia, with two purpose-built and highly secure Private Clouds of its own, TAScloud now provides an improved flexible choice of Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS and a secure and reliable Hybrid Cloud.

  • TAScloud also partners with many global, leading and state-of-the-art organisations like Checkpoint to provide innovative and enhanced security services across the cloud and mobile environments.

  • TAScloud ensures commercial, contractual and technical flexibility across all types of workloads that can be automated and run in a manner that is fit for their purpose.

  • TAScloud is a Tier 1 Certified Partner with Alibaba for Australia and New Zealand organisations to deliver innovative, secure, scalable and cost effective solutions while leveraging Alibaba Cloud Sydney Data Centres providing Australian Data Sovereignty.

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