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Hybrid Cloud Secure Interconnect to Alibaba's Public Cloud Data Centres

TAScloud in partnership with Optus and AAPT have started the commissioning of secured Hybrid Cloud interconnects to Alibaba Cloud's data centres in Sydney.

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Why secure Hybrid Cloud interconnect?

TAScloud's Hybrid Cloud interconnect provides a secure and highly performant interconnect between TAScloud's Private Data Centres and Alibaba's Public Cloud Data Centres located in Sydney. The secure hybrid cloud deployment pattern is reusable and can be leveraged to not only integrate your existing IT Data Centre to Alibaba but it allows your business to gain secure and highly performant access to TAScloud SaaS services.

Flexible Fees

Dedicated and shared secure network interconnects can be chosen. Fees can provide agility in alignment with the chosen interconnect choice.

Continuous Innovation

TAScloud through SDWAN provide continuous innovation around shared and dedicated interconnects. Detailed analytics allow for improved choice and tailoring for your interconnect service.

Secure Hybrid

Leverage TAScloud's parent company, TAS that provides 30 years of secure interconnect services between more than 300 sites across Australia.

Hybrid Industry Experts

TAScloud has numerous CCIE networking and security specialists that have securely integrated to more than 300 sites across Australia. Our consultants lead the way in SD-WAN in conjunction with our partnership with Cisco and Viptela.

Multi Cloud Agility

TAScloud's Hybrid Cloud solutions are built to integrate with other TAScloud and Alibaba services. Interconnection through our network mesh is critical to the success of delivering your outcomes.


TAScloud integrates sites with Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) to ensure customers can have resilient, highly available and elastic bandwidth capabilities with increased security.

Business Scenarios

Our Hybrid cloud securely integrates users and applications with Cloud and SaaS offerings.
  • Securely connect Private Cloud to sites
  • Securely connect Public Cloud to sites
  • Securely connect SaaS products to sites
  • Integrate your Private and Public Clouds
  • Provide effective SaaS connectivity
  • Support integration from Pop Up stores
  • Short term or long term interoperability with SaaS products
  • Detailed hybrid cloud analytics to improve decisions
  • Hybrid cloud automation of new Network domains

Customer Stories

"The power of Alibaba's cloud has been proven with the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, in which Alibaba Cloud supported peak traffic of 175,000 transactions per second. Last year, nearly 100,000 merchants participated in the global shopping event, with consumers spending RMB 120.7 billion (USD 17.79 billion) during the 24-hour period."


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