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DataV provides rapid interpretation of data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends

By integrating live dashboards, DataV can present and monitor business data simultaneously. This data-driven approach enables for well-organized data mining and analysis allowing the user to seize new opportunities that otherwise might remain hidden.

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Why Public Cloud - Self-Managed?

  • Manage your own Cloud and ensure cost effective business solutions are delivered in a time critical manner.
  • Deliver dynamic business solutions that take advantage of security, scale and agility on an international scale.
  • Adopt flexible ‘Pay as You Go’ or Monthly or Yearly Subscription financial models.
  • Alignment with Australian regulatory requirements including Data Privacy and Mandatory Data Breach.
  • Leveraging Alibaba Public Cloud running across two highly available and secure Sydney Data Centres amongst many Financial, Insurance, Logistics, Mining, Retail, Airline, Government and Agricultural organisations.
  • Gain significant incentives and discounts leveraging TAScloud's strategic and long term Tier 1 premier partnership agreement between TAScloud and Alibaba International.
  • Provide organisational wide agility being able to move between Public and Private Cloud with different service offerings delivering cost effective agile workload migrations.
  • Integrate with or migrate to this Public cloud providing the ability to leverage existing innovations without missing out on new and innovative business solutions and service offerings.
  • Leverage 30 years of banking and insurance grade consulting, professional services and managed services from TAS, TAScloud's parent company.
  • Leverage TAS SD-WAN to deliver integrated Hybrid Cloud solutions with your existing SaaS and Data Centre services.

Flexible Fees

Only pay for the resources you use to run your business and further reduce the costs by monthly or yearly subscriptions for sustained workloads. Leverage unique and compelling incentives delivered through the TAScloud and Alibaba partnership.


Drive innovation by leveraging the agility, flexibility and scalability of the public cloud. Deliver on AI, IoT, Max Compute, Quantum Computing, Facial Payments Systems and Deep Transaction and Payments Learning. WAF services now embedded with AI and anti-DDOS for groundbreaking security protection.

Secure Cloud

Protect your investment, strategy, brand and integrity. Alibaba Cloud has passed multiple international certifications including ISO 27001 Information Security Management and Trusted Cloud certification.

Expert Cloud Specialists

TAScloud brings leading Cloud specialists to partner and deliver on your business strategies. Leverage 30 years of financial services security architecture advice and management to ensure alignment with your Cyber Security strategy and policies, Privacy Laws, Regulatory alignment, PCI and Mandatory Data Breach.

Multi-Cloud Agility

TAScloud provides not only flexibility within the Public Cloud but has been built with Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud and SaaS integrations in mind. Integrate with your existing IT and services investment or migrate.

Reduce Delivery Friction

TAScloud provides innovative processes and tooling to help accelerate delivery on the Apsara Stack. Apsara Stack incorporates end-to-end security design and disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure a high standard of security and reliability.

Business Scenarios

Public Cloud provides continuous innovation unlocking opportunities that were previously only possible in our imagination.
  • Fintech Innovative Services
  • Insurtech Innovative Services
  • Blockchain Services built on Hyperledger
  • Retail Businesses that have bursting workloads
  • Health Services that need unmatched security
  • Mining, Manufacturing and Agricultural IoT services
  • Online entertainment services with dynamic scalability
  • Start-up organisations requiring services on demand
  • Hospitality business that can scale across the globe

Customer Stories

"The power of Alibaba's cloud has been proven with the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, in which Alibaba Cloud supported peak traffic of 175,000 transactions per second. Last year, nearly 100,000 merchants participated in the global shopping event, with consumers spending RMB 120.7 billion (USD 17.79 billion) during the 24-hour period."


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